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Ep 151: How Half-Marathon Training Prepared Me for the NAVLE, with Dr. Moriah McCauley

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In this week’s episode of That Vet Life Show, Dr. Moriah McCauley delves into all things NAVLE-related. For those that don’t know, the NAVLE is the national board exam for veterinarians wanting to practice in the US and Canada. 

Choosing a career that would combine her love of animals and passion for caring for others, Dr. Moriah McCauley decided on becoming a small animal veterinarian. She began this podcast at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where she graduated with a veterinary degree.

Dr. McCauley started to concentrate on the function of the stories of her colleagues in veterinary medicine, focusing on how storytelling can enhance outcomes for clients and patients as she made the transition from student to doctor. Through her engaging storytelling, she has encouraged veterinarians and veterinary students to be competent and confident. 

During this special solo episode, Dr. Moriah talks about the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam (NAVLE). Listen in as Dr. Moriah discusses every aspect of the exam – from its schedule, eligibility, and duration, to its practice, resources, and the aftermath.


  • [01:50] – Dr. Moriah begins the episode with a short introduction of NAVLE, sharing her experiences with the exam to give us a thorough insight. 
  • [04:28] – We hear a brief description of the NAVLE, answering the common questions, concerns, and doubts about the exam.
  • [06:19] – Talking about how and what to study for an exam, Dr. Moriah talks about helpful resources and platforms to use for exam preparation.
  • [08:04] – Dr. Moriah explains an efficient method for preparing and studying for the exam, also outlining how to cope when you don’t know everything you need to know.
  • [10:45] – A short ad break – join Thrive.
  • [11:52] – We resume the podcast with Dr. McCauley discussing self-assessment exams. She explains how to make the best of the self-assessment exams, and how practicing it will help you build the right approach toward the actual exam.
  • [14:01] – The importance of getting familiar and comfortable with the exam format, as well as building the right mindset toward it.
  • [18:11] – “This is just an exam”: Dr. Moriah talks about the aftermath of the results, discussing how to cope if you get a low score.
  • [23:50] – Dr. Moriah wraps the episode.

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