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Ep 150: Facing Finances, with Dr. Grace Kim

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Dr. Grace Kim joins Dr. Moriah for this week’s episode of That Vet Life Show. Having graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Grace Kim is a DVM and Accredited Financial Counsellor.

She works as a mentor and financial coach for young veterinarians, offering them valuable guidance on how to manage their finances and debt without being overburdened.

After going from six figures in student loan debt as a veterinarian to becoming financially literate and efficient with money, she founded Richer Life DVM, a platform to educate and inspire others in their financial journeys.

This episode discusses the challenges young grads face financially, especially one of the biggest ones: the student loan. Furthermore, Dr. Grace Kim explains how to organize your finances, even if you’re not a financial expert. Dr. Grace shares her insight on finance management, including a lot of tactical advice for young veterinarians just starting their careers.


  • [0:00] – Episode Introduction
  • [00:57] – The episode begins with Dr. Grace’s warm welcome.
  • [1:42 ] – Dr. Grace talks about her journey from being a veterinarian to a Financial Counselor, discussing her background in veterinary medicine and her motivations for entering finance management.
  • [5:12] – Dr. Grace and Dr. Moriah discuss college loans and offer advice on how young graduates can manage their debts effectively without overextending themselves financially.
  • [8:46] – Discussing different approaches to repaying education debt in situations where there is a high disparity between what you earn and what you own. Dr. Grace details how to plan an efficient repayment plan.
  • [12:14] – A short ad break – join Thrive
  • [13:23]  – Dr. Moriah continues the episode by talking about the most crucial facet of financial management, quality of life.
  • [13:58]  – Dr. Grace provides tips on how a recent graduate and a young veterinarian can maintain a work-life balance while juggling debt and other financial obligations.
  • [17:45] – When should you consider talking to a financial advisor? Her experience as a financial counselor gives her insight into how finance professionals approach wealth and debt management.
  • [22:36]  – Dr. Grace discusses Richer Life DVM and the valuable resources it offers. Visit the website to learn more about money management.
  • [26:22] – Dr. Moriah wraps the episode with a subtle request to share the episode.

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