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Ep 15: Positive Psychology and Putting in the Work to Feel Better with Quincy Hawley

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Our guest on this week’s episode of The Veterinary Business Success Show is co-founder of Get MotiVETed, Dr. Quincy Hawley. 

Get MotiVETed (wellbeing solutions for the veterinary community) was founded by Quincy in 2018 with the mission ‘To increase awareness and practice of mindfulness and personal development as necessary tools for finding inner peace and fulfillment in vet med and life’. The veterinary wellbeing program runs leadership coaching, online self-guided courses in wellbeing and suicide prevention, and in-person webinars. 

In this episode, host Brendan Howard interviews Dr. Quincy Hawley about his pathway to wellbeing, from working in a fast pace practice as a graduate using negative coping mechanisms, to changing his outlook, educating himself on wellbeing, and moving to second practice.  

Tune in to learn Dr. Quincy’s perspective on emotional wellbeing and how you can improve yours. 

Outline of this episode:

  • [01:12] The episode begins with host Brendan Howard asking Dr. Quincy about his journey in veterinary medicine as a new graduate
  • [09:14] Brendan and Quincy talk about positive and pessimistic personalities 
  • [10:45] Quincy talks about the second practice he worked at after graduating
  • [12:41] Quincy talks about the negative coping mechanisms he used for the first 3 years after graduating and how he 
  • [15:49] Ad break
  • [16:55] The episode continues with Brendan and Quincy talking about how Quincy transformed his life
  • [22:17] What is Quincy’s perspective on emotional wellbeing and how can vets improve it?
  • [27:56] Quincy talks about his frameworks for helping veterinarians and how he helps himself educate himself
  • [31:17] The episode comes to an end

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