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Ep 145: A Q&A with Dr. Moriah McCauley, Featuring Dr. Boatright, Dr. Dela Cruz, Dr. Byers and Dr. Reinhard

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This week’s That Vet Life Podcast is a Q&A special where Dr. Moriah McCauley is joined by Dr. Kate Boatright, Dr. Marcus Dela Cruz, Dr. Chris Byers, and Dr. Addie Reinhard to answer all your burning questions! 

Host, Dr. Moirah McCauley, is a practicing small animal veterinarian who gained her doctor of veterinary medicine from The University of Scotland in 2020. 

Amongst her guests includes, an emergency veterinarian and chief veterinary officer, otherwise known as ‘the friendly vet’, Dr. Marcus Dela Cruz. Dr. Marcus graduated from Purdue University in 2018 and since then has been working as a veterinarian alongside writing for his blog ‘The Friendly Vet’. 

Other guests in this episode include Dr. Kate Boatright, an associate veterinarian, speaker, and author who gained her doctor of veterinary medicine back in 2013. As well as Dr. Chris Byers, a teleconsultant, emergency/critical care and small animal internal medicine practitioner, and the founder and editor of CriticalCareDVM.come. And lastly, Dr. Addie Reinhard, the founder, and CEO of MentorVet – an evidence-based mentorship and professional development program designed to provide resources and support to new and recent veterinary graduates.

During this special Q&A episode, Dr. Moriah and other experienced veterinarians from the vet community answer the vet student’s questions coming straight from Dr. Moriah’s Instagram feed.

Listen in as the expert veterinary professionals give a variety of answers and advice to help vet students with the challenges they face.


  • [01:30] Dr. Marcus Dela Cruz and Dr. Kate Boatwright answer how students can manage their dread and anxiety as they prepare to begin vet school. How to dive right into this new chapter of Vet medicine and have a blast doing it.
  • If you are a vet student, what is the best way to study efficiently and how do you cope when you do not know everything?
  • [06:00] Dr. Moriah answers queries regarding internships and residency.
  • What is the right roadmap for veterinary students— enter General Practice right away or take an internship first and pursue a specialization?
  • [09:48] Dr. Chris Byers’s research-based take on specialization and internships.
  • [13:03] A short ad break – join Thrive.
  • [14:10] Dr. Moriah resumes the podcast by discussing how to get the best internship.
  • How do you find a job that has good mentorship? How do you even begin looking for it? And how do you know if it will offer you effective mentoring?
  • [15:40] Here are some questions you could ask at the interview to get a glimpse of your future career recommended by Dr. Addy Reinhard.
    • How often will we have check-in sessions? 
    • What will my first week, month, or year look like? 
    • What kind of support and resources are available to your new grads here?
  • [19:02] Any advice for the jitters on the first day, week, or month?
  • [23:50] Dr. Moriah wraps the episode.

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