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Ep 144: Vetting the World’s Toughest Horse Race, with Dr. Georgina Johnston

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For this week’s episode of That Vet Life Show, Dr. Georgina Johnston joins Dr. Moriah.

In 2013, Georgina Johnston earned a degree from the Royal Veterinary College in London. Growing up on a sheep and beef farm in England, she shares a deep passion for veterinary medicine. She has traveled the world in pursuit of her passion, working with a diverse range of people and animals. She is not only an accomplished veterinarian, but also accomplished in equine research and works to enhance equine performance through high-level training, education, and research.

In this episode, Dr. Georgina discusses her participation in the 1000 km Mongolian Derby, highlighting its history, the selection of the horses, and the risks and difficulties it entails. Dr. Georgina shares her experience from the derby while discussing the role of veterinarians in equine sports.

Listen in as Dr. Georgina Johnston shares how she and a small team of veterinarians took care of nearly 1400 horses that were selected for the race.

Outline of this episode:

  • [00:23] Dr. Mo begins the episode with Dr.Georgina Johnston’s introduction.
  • [01:10] Dr. Georgina Johnston briefly discusses her college and internship experience.
  • [01:50] Dr. Georgina Johnston talks about how and what prompted her to switch from practicing medicine to other fields.
  • [04:10] Drs. Moriah and Georgina Johnston discuss the importance of practice in choosing or entering a field of specialization.
  • [10:54] Dr. Moriah and Dr. Georgina Johnston discuss the history of the Mongol Derby.
  • [16:10] Dr. Moriah and Dr. Georgina Johnston discuss the culture of Mongolia.
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  • [17:45] Dr. Georgina and Moriah continue the episode by talking about how the process of organizing the Mongol Derby race works.
  • [20:40] Dr. Georgina and Moriah discuss the horse selection process for the race.
  • [22:20] Dr. Mo and Dr. Georgina Johnston discuss the process of selecting a horse for the race based on both a visual and medical analysis.
  • [27:02] Moriah and Dr. Georgina talk about the dangers and challenges associated with horse racing.
  • [30:02] Georgina Johnston talks about the medical kit she used during the Mongol Derby.
  • [32:00] Dr. Georgina discusses a few of her most interesting experiences from the Mongolian derby.
  • [34:55] Dr. Moriah wraps the episode.
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