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Ep 143: Reflecting on Veterinary School and Client Communication, with Dr. Sarah Wolff

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For this week’s episode of That Vet Life Podcast, Dr. Sarah Wolff joins Dr. Moriah. Dr. Sarah Wolff is a general practice veterinarian and client experience nerd, who earned her veterinary medicine degree from The University of Edinburgh in 2011.

In addition to being a brilliant vet, Dr. Sarah is also an excellent speaker and expert in client communication. She is also a founder of Wolff Pack Services, a firm that helps veterinary practices to develop an effective veterinarian-client-patient relationship through curated client experiences and effective team strategies.

In this episode, a conversation between Dr. Moriah and Dr. Sarah Wolff takes us on a journey from the beginning to the end of their graduations at the University of Edinburgh. They discuss some of the common challenges young vets face at vet school and describe how the overall journey has shaped their professional careers.

Listen in as two veterinarians who graduated from the University of Edinburgh reflect on their time in vet school and offer insightful advice to aspiring veterinarians.


  • [01:12] The episode begins with Dr. Moriah welcoming Dr. Sarah Wolf.
  • [09:00] Dr. Sarah and Dr. Moriah talk about the education and cultural system of the United Kingdom from the United States. 
  • [03:35] Dr. Sarah and Dr. Moriah share the challenges they faced while moving to the UK for graduation.
  • [15:15] Dr. Sarah talks about the days of vet school, highlighting how her graduation experience helped her in becoming a better vet.
  • [17:20] Dr. Sarah Wolf explains the reason behind lead poisoning in Swans, which is a common vet emergency across the UK.
  • [21:14] A short ad break – join Thrive.
  • [22:43] Dr. Moriah continues the episode by sharing her vet school experience.
  • [23:36] Dr. Moriah offers an important piece of advice for students who are planning to study abroad.
  • [25:50] Sarah discusses how the veterinary profession allows graduates to apply different approaches to their practice.
  • [27:30] How taking different opportunities and volunteering in different activities at vet schools can develop and empower you with excellent communication skills, essential industry experience, and professional confidence. 
  • [30:04] Dr. Sarah Wolf offers advice for veterinary students based on her own graduation experience at the University of Edinburgh.
  • [33:20] Dr. Sarah explains the idea behind her Wold Pack Services, which helps vet practices create exceptional client experiences.
  • [36:09] What are the steps that make an appointment successful for the vet, client, and patient?
  • [43:55] Dr. Moriah wraps the episode.

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