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Ep: 14- Crafting a Healthy Communication Culture with Kathryn Primm

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In today’s episode of the veterinary business success show, Brendan Howard interviews veterinary practice owner, Dr. Kathryn Primm. 

Kathryn graduated from Mississippi State University where she completed a degree in Biological Sciences as well as her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1996. After wanting to become a veterinarian since the age of 5!

Not long after graduating, Dr. Kathryn founded Applebrook Animal Hospital in 1998 which has helped shape her into the leader she is today.

Alongside her work as a practice owner, Kathryn also produces content for veterinarians and pet owners. She has recently written articles for Veterinary Economics, dvm360, Firstline, Vetted, and, writes her own blog for her website (, and is the host of Nine Lives with Dr. Kat and Dr. Kat Gone To The Dogs on Petlife Radio. Kathryn is also the resident vet for and where she writes informative articles for pet owners. 

Tune in to learn about Kathryn’s path as a practice manager, how a brain injury changed her outlook, and what she does to help create a happy working environment for her employees.

Outline of this episode:

  • [1:49] Brendan asks Kathryn if the path of practice manager was always the path for her.  
  • [2:49] How did Kathryn get into being a practice manager?
  • [4:55] Brendan asks Kathryn about what type of leader and manager she was when she owned her first practice.
  • [6:30] Dr. Kathryn discusses the challenges she came up against
  • [7:45] Brendan asks Kathryn, what does success look like to you now?
  • [8:47] Brendan asks how Kathryn’s vision of herself as a manager has changed?
  • [11:00] Kathryn talks about life after her brain injury and how her practice coped with her being away
  • [13:42] Kathryn talks about her brain injury and another life-changing injury 
  • [16:40] Ad break
  • [17:45] Part 2 resumes with Brendan asking Kathryn how her accident changed her
  • [19:30] What is Kathryn’s favorite part of her job?
  • [20:27] How many people work at Kathryn’s practice and what are the dynamics between the team?
  • [22:48] How to identify good employees?
  • [24:25] What drawbacks are there to having a team that knows the ‘inside’ of a veterinary practice. 
  • [25:48] Are there people who are great workers but don’t fit into Kathryn’s practice?
  • [26:38] How do different personalities and conflicts influence Kathryn’s veterinary practice?
  • [30:08] The episode comes to an end

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Resources Mentioned:

  • Tennessee Tails: Pets and Their People 

Connect with Dr. Kathryn Primm:

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