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Ep 139: The Scotland Episode, with Dr. Moriah McCauley

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Host, Dr. Moriah goes solo in today’s episode of That Vet Life Podcast. 

Dr. Moriah McCauley became a small animal veterinarian after combining her love of animals and a passion for taking care of others. She gained her veterinary degree at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where she began this podcast. 

Utilizing her podcast to share her colleague’s stories, Dr. McCauley started to concentrate on the function of these stories in veterinary medicine and how storytelling can enhance outcomes for clients and patients as she made the transition from student to doctor. Through her engaging storytelling, she encouraged veterinarians and veterinary students to be competent and confident.

During this episode, Dr. Mo shares her experience relocating from the USA to Scotland to pursue veterinary medicine, highlighting the challenges and obstacles involved with getting a degree overseas. 

Join Mo as she discusses the strategies and tips she employed while completing her graduation in Scotland.

Outline of this episode :

  • [01:20] Dr. Moriah begins the episode with a preview 
  • [05:55] What aspects are taken into account while choosing a veterinary school for studies abroad?
  • [06:00] Dr. Moriah discusses the financial aspects associated with studying abroad, including tuition and living expenses.
  • [09:40] Which veterinary schools are the best? How do you choose the best veterinary school for you?
  • [14:15] When moving to a new country, how does it initially feel? 
  • Dr. Mo offers advice on how to choose the ideal place to live when moving overseas for studies.?
  • [18:32] Dr.Mo talks about the built-in studying facilities at the Edinburgh campus.
  • [20:12] Dr.Mo talks about the history of the University of Edinburgh.
  • [22:43] 16:55 –  A short ad break – join Thrive
  • [23:52] Dr. Mo resumes the episode by continuing on the background of the vet school.
  • [30:12] Dr. Mo shares her insight on the programs and academic structure of the veterinary school.
  • [35:01] Dr.Mo shares her farm experiences from vet school, highlighting the challenges, and difficulties.
  • [36:15] Dr.Mo answers the question “Did your veterinary education prepared you for life outside that school?”
  • [38:40] Dr. Mo talks about the challenging parts of veterinary school while highlighting the common challenge encountered by students.
  • [41:50] Dr.Mo wraps the episode

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