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Ep 137: The Changing Face of Veterinary Education, with Alyssa Mages

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For this week’s episode of That Vet Life Show, Alyssa Mages joins Dr. Moriah. 

Alyssa Mages is a Certified Veterinary Technician and Chief Visionary Officer of Empowering Veterinary Teams. She has worked in six practices in two countries and has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of Vet Med in her 18 years of clinical practice.

In addition to being a CVO, Alyssa is a superb public speaker, content producer, and collaborative coach focused on the growth and development of team members in the veterinary medical field.

Alyssa is a veterinary medicine leader that believes in team empowerment, training, and encouragement. In 2019, she co-founded Empowering Veterinary Teams with her friend Caitlin Keat to pursue her passion. EVT aims to improve veterinary medicine’s knowledge foundation, training and coaching, program development, and general culture.

During this episode, Alyssa Mages and Dr. Moriah address several aspects of clinical training and its importance to veterinary professionals. Alyssa discusses how clinical training benefits a veterinarian student’s professional development, noting the differences in approach between young students and seasoned veterinarians.

Outline of this episode:

  • [01:10] – The episode begins with Dr. Moriah and Alyssa Mages discussing their last meeting in Chicago.
  • [03:06] – Alyssa explains the idea behind Clinical Training and Coaching and how it is closely intertwined with personal well-being.
  • [05:01] – Moriah and Alyssa discuss how the idea of Clinical Training applies to Vet students and to their veterinary schooling.
  • [07:02]- Dr. Moriah talks about the differences in approach between first-year vet school students and those who have been practicing for a year.
  • [08:08] – Alyssa explains how they as professionals talk to the first-year students to bring them awareness.
  • [09:30] – What causes students to drop out of veterinary school in their second year?
  • [12:12] – What does it look like when first-year students and people who have already been practicing for a year collaborate to bring a change?
  • [16:55] –  A short ad break – join Thrive
  • [18:05] – Alyssa and Mo continue the episode by discussing how we can implement the Clinical practice to bring a change.
  • [21:17] – How well-being and clinical skills are important in the Veterinary profession?
  • [22:30] – Alyssa and Mo talk about the ‘Wholistic” approach.
  • [28:30] – What can vet students do to be changemakers in the university?
  • [30:42] – Alyssa and Moriah discuss the concept behind Empowering Veterinary Teams.
  • [31:35] – Dr. Mo thanks Alyssa and wraps the episode.

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