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Ep 130: Evidence Based Mentorship, with Dr. Addie Reinhard

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This week on That Vet Life Podcast, Dr. Moriah McCauley is joined by a veterinary well-being researcher and the founder and CEO of MentorVet, Dr. Addie Reinhard. 

As a veterinary well-being researcher, Dr. Addie’s main research focus is around developing innovative interventions to support mental health and wellbeing within the veterinary profession. As a researcher, Dr. Addie is on the research team for the next phase of the Merck Animal Health Veterinary Well-being Study. 

Alongside her research with Merck Animal Health, Dr. Addie is also collaborating with them to grow and expand her own business ‘MentorVet’ – “an evidence-based mentorship and professional development program for recent veterinary graduates”. 

Dr. Addie gained her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Tennesse in 2015, after studying for her Bachelor of Science in Biology. Since then she has completed a master’s degree in Community and Leadership Development and a Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Learning from the University of Kentucky. Dr. Addie also holds a certificate in Veterinary Human Support from the University of Tennessee and is a certified QPR instructor and SafeTALK trainer.

In this episode, Dr. Addie and Dr. Moriah dive into all things mentor and wellbeing related!  

Outline of this episode:

  • [01:11] The episode begins with Mo thanking Addie for coming on the show and asking her to define what mentorship means for her personally.  
  • [03:06] Is mentorship a buzzword at the moment?
  • [05:01] What does evidence-based mentorship mean?
  • [09:39] The two discuss The Merk Animal Health Veterinary Wellbeing Study. 
  • [11:10] What’s going on with well-being and what is in place to improve it?
  • [14:53] Ad break – take our VEER survey.
  • [16:31] The episode resumes with Mo and Addie discussing the different types of mentorship and how MentorVet addresses these. 
  • [20:47] Moriah asks if MentorVet will branch out to support veterinary nurses and/or technicians also. 
  • [22:32] Why is peer-to-peer mentorship important?
  • [25:37] What is MentorVet?
  • [28:44] How big is the MentorVet community?
  • [30:11] Do the mentors at MentorVet get evidence-based mentorship training?
  • [35:05] The episode wraps up to an end. 


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