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Ep 128: It Takes a Village – Establishing a Culture of Mentorship with Dr. Kate Boatright

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Veterinarian, author, and speaker, Dr. Kate Boatright, joins Dr. Moriah McCauley for this week’s episode of That Vet Life Podcast. 

Dr. Boatright is a small animal veterinarian with nearly 8 years of experience in general practice and emergency medicine. Dr. Kate recently moved to part-time clinical work to pursue her passion for educating veterinary professionals as a freelance speaker and author.

As an author, Dr. Boatright has published articles on a range of veterinary tops including client support, and information for new graduates. She is also a regular contributor to DVM360 and is the author of the “Finding Balance” column for Today’s Veterinary Practice.

Kate is also a well-recognized speaker in the veterinary industry and has spoken (both in-person and virtually) at national conferences, state conferences, veterinary schools, and national student webinars on numerous topics. 

In this episode, Dr. Boatright talks about a huge passion of hers – the importance of mentorship. Tune in to learn how each member of a veterinary practice should support a new graduate.

Outline of this episode:

  • [1:08] The episode begins with Mo introducing Dr. Kate and asking what ‘it takes a village’ really means.
  • [03:50] What question to ask when joining a practice as a new grad. 
  • [05:33] What expectations are there on a new grad versus an experienced doctor?
  • [09:33] What conversations should a team have before taking on a new grad?
  • [14:38] How can the team prepare a new graduate?
  • [17:49] Ad break – take our Veterinary Employment, Engagement, and Retention Survey
  • [19:22] The episode resumes with Moriah and Kate talking about reviews from clients. 
  • [19:57] How can veterinary nurses support new graduates?
  • [23:41] What conversations need to happen between the pharmacy team and new grads?
  • [25:44] How can other doctors in the surgery support new graduates?
  • [30:18] Mo thanks Kate for coming on the show and Kate summarises what the whole team can do to support a new grad. 
  • [31:32] Dr. Kate tells us a bit more about her and where to find her on social media. 
  • [33:34] The episode wraps up. 

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