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Ep 127: The Making of a Mentor – Dr. Michael Miller’s Mentorship Story

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Dr. Michael Miller (otherwise known as the Harry Potter Vet) joins Dr. Moriah McCauley in this week’s episode of That Vet Life Podcast. 

Dr. Michael Miller is a veterinarian and co-owner of a small animal practice in Morris, Illinois. Alongside treating dogs, cats, and traditional small animals, Dr. Miller also holds a special interest in reptiles and exotic pets. This interest led him to start a wildlife rescue at his practice where he treats turtles who have been hit by cars. 

Michael has volunteered on committees such as the Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians and is currently serving on the executive board of the Illinois Veterinary Medical Alumni Association.

Alongside Michael’s work in practice, he also has his own blog called ‘Harry Potter Vet’, which combines his love of veterinary medicine and Harry Potter. Dr. Michael began the blog after being a contributing author for various veterinary websites. He is now using his own platform to help others discover the magic in veterinary medicine. 

In this episode Dr. Michael talks about mentorship as part of our podcast series ‘The Making of a Mentor’, he touches on mosaic mentorships, mentorship clauses, and the influence social media has on mentoring. 

Outline of this episode:
  • [01:12] The episode kicks off with Dr. Moriah asking Dr. Michael about mosaic mentorship and how he first started getting into veterinary medicine.
  • [07:32] Micheal discusses his experience at the second practice he worked at. 
  • [10:15] How to ask for the certain type of mentorship you want. 
  • [12:00] Moriah and Michael role-play a student asking for mentorship. 
  • [14:55] What do new grads need for their schedule?
  • [18:59] Mentorship clauses – is having a template helpful?
  • [19:49] Ad break – take our Veterinary Employment, Engagement, and Retention Survey.
  • [21:20] The episode resumes with Moriah and Micheal discussing what to include in a mentorship clause template.
  • [23:40] How do you talk about the needs of new grads gaining medical experience?
  • [25:52] Why 
  • [28:00] Michael talks about his experience with exotic animals at the first practice he worked at. 
  • [30:00] Moriah talks about how social media is making it accessible to learn new specialties. 
  • [31:08] Dr. Michael talks about how social media offers new connections and mentors. 
  • [32:55] Dr. Michael gives a brief synopsis of what ‘Harry Potter Vet’ is and why is started it.
  • [35:05] The episode wraps up. 

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