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Ep 122: So We’re Vet’s, Now What?! With Dr. Danielle Poll

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In today’s episode of That Vet Life Podcast, Dr. Moriah is joined by her fellow Royal Dick School graduate and former housemate, Dr. Dannielle Poll. 

Dr. Dani’s love of animals began from a young age as she grew up on a small family-run farm in Utah. Not only did this grow her love of animals but it also helped her to gain a healthy respect for the power of animals and their purpose in our lives.

Following her love of animals, Dani set herself the goal to become a veterinarian, and after high school, she attended Utah State University where she received her bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science. Following this, Dani took a break from studying after being rejected from veterinary school twice. Taking a break, Dani was able to travel and live in Germany. Before, being excepted into veterinary school at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where she met host Dr. Moriah. 

Since graduating, Dani has been working in a small animal practice back in Utah with the passion to one day travel again! 

In this episode, Dr. Moriah and Dr. Dani discuss how their first two years as a graduate have been, and how they have overcome confidence and plateau points. 

Outline of this episode:

  • [01:05] The episode begins with Dr. Dani introducing herself and explaining how and why she knows Dr. Moriah McCauley.  
  • [02:20] Mo asks Dani, how did you feel about graduating?
  • [04:05] How were the first six months in practice like as a graduate veterinarian?
  • [07:55] Dani talks about her new puppy ‘Moose’.
  • [09:05] Did it get easier after the first six months in practice?
  • [12:45] How the first six months set you up for the next. 
  • [13:48] Ad break – join our Thrive community. 
  • [14:34] The episode resumes with Mo and Dani discussing ‘goal setting’ with a mentor.
  • [17:01] Has Dani had any ‘plateau points’ since being in practice?
  • [19:20] Building confidence with your mentor.
  • [22:57] At what point do most vets ‘plateau’ – Dr. Moriah discusses answers she got when she asked on Instagram.
  • [25:09] How did Dr. Dani handle her plateau?
  • [28:30] How to work out what you enjoy and expand your learning after plateauing?
  • [31:20] The episode wraps up with Dr. Moriah thanking Dr. Dani for being on the podcast and Dani sharing her social media platform.


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If like Dani and Mo you’re a new graduate vet and you’re wondering now what? Click here to get your hands on VetX’s founder and CEO, Dr. Dave Nicol’s book ‘So You’re A Vet…Now What?’. 

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