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Ep 120: The Making of a Mentor- Hidayah Martinez-Jaka’s Mentorship Story

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In today’s episode of That Vet Life Podcast, Dr. Moriah McCauley is joined by a 4th-year veterinary student and president of the Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA), Hidayah Martinez-Jaka.

Hidayah’s journey into veterinary medicine began at age 14 when her family adopted a flock of chickens. With little veterinary support, Hydayah took it upon herself to care for and treat the chickens, which in turn, sparked her love of veterinary medicine:

‘I fell in love with them as pets, and my passion for veterinary medicine grew from that. I love the process of diagnosing and healing animals. I love the science, too, as well as the merging of empathy and knowledge.’

Hidayah is soon to graduate from the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. During her time as a student, Hidayah has been breaking the mold in veterinary education, and back in 2020 was elected as the president of SAVMA- being the first woman of color and the first student from her college to ever serve in the position. Hidayah is using her platform to support other veterinary students- ‘I see leadership through SAVMA, not as a way to benefit myself but to lift other voices up’. 

In this episode, Hidayah goes into detail about her veterinary journey, the mentorship that has influenced her journey, and the type of mentorship she delivers herself. 

Outline of this episode:

  • [01:01] The episode begins with Dr. Moriah asking Hidayah if she has been called “Dr” yet?
  • [02:19] Dr. Moriah and Hidayah discuss how mentors should start calling students “dr” before they graduate to prepare them and boost their confidence.
  • [05:39] Mo asks Hidayah where she is at in her current veterinary journey. 
  • [07:43] Hidayah talks about the impact covid has had on her and her fellow students.
  • [09:55] Hidayah discusses her current position as the Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA) president.
  • [11:03] Ad break – Join our Thrive community.
  • [12:11] The episode resumes with Mo asking Hidayah how she got into veterinary medicine – Hidayah talks about caring for her family’s pet chickens. 
  • [14:43] Mo asks Hidayah about the mentors she has had in her life and their influence. 
  • [18:50] Mo reiterates the importance of mentorship and the benefits of having more than one mentor and mentee. 
  • [20:43] Hidayah discusses the different types of a mentorship journey – the three-tier approach.
  • [22:34] Dr. Moriah asks Hidayah what her mentorship style is?
  • [25:20] Hidayah tells us where to find her on social media.
  • [26:33] Mo thanks Hidayah for being on the podcast and rounds up the episode.

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