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Ep. 12: Why Work-Life Balance Isn’t One Size Fits All with Dr. Lindsay Ruland

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In today’s episode of The Veterinary Business Success Show, host Brendan Howard interviews Dr. Lindsay Ruland. 

Dr. Lindsay graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2009. After working in two different clinics with polar cultures, Dr. Lindsay took the brave step to start her own practice and harness the culture she wanted.  As the owner and chief of medicine at the Emergency Veterinary Hospital of Ann Arbor, Dr. Lindsay has been on a journey to create the best culture for her team. 

Tune in to learn the journey Dr. Lindsay has been on in finding a management style that works for both her team, herself, and her practice.

Outline of this episode:

  • [1:17] The episode begins with Dr. Lindsay discussing the practice she grew from scratch
  • [2:40] Brendan asks Dr. Lindsay how she gets referrals and if she feels the need to compete with close by practices 
  • [4:50] Dr. Lindsay talks about how they turn no patients away at her emergency practice 
  • [8:10] Dr. Lindsay discusses how her practice works with other nearby ones and how fees change depending on where you go 
  • [11:15] Brendan asks Lindsay where her view on working with other practices and not being competitive came from. She goes into detail about the first practice she worked in before going to vet school.
  • [14:40] Lindsay talks about her background from school to the culture of the first emergency practice she worked at after graduating. 
  • [20:36] Lindsay talks about the difference between the first clinic she worked at before vet school and the first practice after graduating and how this impacted the culture she made for her clinic
  • [23:20] Lindsay talks about the vision and culture she intended for her first practice
  • [24:40] Brendan asks about the mistakes Lindsay made as a new leader
  • [27:18] Lindsay tells us the impact losing her daughter had on her and the changes that made on her clinic 
  • [34:29] Brendan asks Lindsay about the criteria she used to decide who in her clinic stayed when she revamped the culture of her clinic 
  • [38:45] Lindsay talks about the fear she had when she cut her staff from fully staffed to understaffed 
  • [41:35] Brendan asks Lindsay how her employees’ needs have adjusted how she runs her practice
  • [50:51] Dr. Lindsay talks about how veterinarians often have type-A personalities and she makes it a priority for them to know they are more than being just a vet. 
  • [54:21] Brendan asks: how do you demonstrate/model good work-life balance, boundaries, and needs 
  • [1:01:40] The podcast episode finishes

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