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Ep 118: Work/Life Balance. Does it exist? With Dr. Gary Marshall

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In today’s episode of That Vet Life Podcast, Dr. Moriah McCauley interviews VetX’s very own Thrive mentor, Dr. Gary Marshall.

Dr. Gary Marshall graduated from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989 and for the last 25 years has been working as the Founder and Medical Director of Island Cats Veterinary Hospital- a Feline Exclusive Practice on Mercer Island, Washington. 

Alongside his job as a veterinarian, Dr. Gary is a mentor and helps mentor the VetX community in North America. The sessions take place monthly ‘zoom’ sessions and are completely free- if you haven’t signed up yet, you’re definitely missing out!

As well as being a teacher and mentor, Dr. Gary is changing the pathway for veterinary medicine. Gary was the Past-President of the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association and still serves on the Board of Directors. He was also elected to serve on the Board of the Women’s Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative in 2020 and was appointed to serve on the Advisory Group of the AVMA/AAVMC Commission for a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Veterinary Profession.

In this episode, Dr. Moriah and Dr. Gary Marshall discuss work-life balance, or should I say work-life symbiosis… What does it really mean and how can we achieve it as veterinary professionals?

To learn more about Dr. Gary and how he can help you as a mentor, click here

Outline of this episode:
  • [01:09] The episode kicks off with Dr. Gary and Dr. Moriah reflecting on when they last spoke and introducing today’s conversation – work like balance/symbiosis. 
  • [02:31] Dr. Gary defines work-life symbiosis and how this differs from ‘balance’
  • [05:55] Mo asks Dr. Gary what work-life symbiosis looks like.
  • [08:40] Dr. Moriah and Dr. Gary discuss the new opportunities there are other than primarily being a vet. 
  • [11:50] Ad break – join our Thrive community. 
  • [12:59] The episode continues with Dr. Moriah and Dr. Gary carrying on the conversation about the shift in veterinary medicine and how more vets are choosing to spend their free time on other things outside of practice. 
  • [15:43] Moriah talks about VLC – a veterinary leadership conference. 
  • [16:13] How do we mentor new veterinarians to establish a work-life symbiosis? Gary talks about how there needs to be a shift in the expectations of veterinary graduates.
  • [20:43] Following on from Gary’s point, Moriah gives her view on the expectations of graduates and the pressure from older vets to work more hours. 
  • [24:48] Dr. Gary talks about why practices with the highest salaries aren’t always the best for training.
  • [28:01] Moriah talks about how practice ownership isn’t the main goal amongst graduates anymore and instead there are other options available. 
  • [29:20] Why aren’t people content?
  • [32:06] Dr. Moriah rounds up the episode, invites everyone to listen to the bonus extended version of this episode, and gives thanks to Dr. Gary for joining.
  • [33:33] Dr. Gary finishes the episode by telling us a bit more about himself, his Instagram, and the mentorship he does with our VetX community – Thrive. 

To listen to the extended version of this episode, join our Thrive community for free. 

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