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Ep 113: Reflecting on our First Year in Practice- GP vs. Residency with Dr. Danny Sack

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Our first podcast episode of 2022, is brought to you by Dr. Moriah McCauley as she and fellow 2020 graduate, Dr. Danny Sack, reflect on their first year in practice.

Dr. Danny Sack is ‘a small animal veterinarian with a special interest in orthopedic and minimally invasive surgery, as well as rehabilitation. [His] research focuses are in canine athlete iliopsoas strains and the genetics and pain management of osteoarthritis.’ Currently working as a surgical intern in Maryland, America, Danny aims to eventually become a small animal board-certified surgeon and own his own practice.

Although Dr. Moriah and Dr. Danny have both taken different routes in their veterinary career, this episode offered an interesting insight into how their first years in practice have differed and yet still offered similar experiences. 

Outline of this episode:

  • [1:06] The intro ends and the episode begins. 
  • [2:27] Dr. Danny reflects on where he was this time last year and how this is different from the place he is in now. 
  • [4:47] Dr. Moriah talks about how after 6 months of starting a new job, things start to fall into place.
  • [6:35] Danny discusses his first residency and what this taught him compared to his second rotation. 
  • [11:39] Mo asks Danny how his internship last year set him up for success this year. 
  • [13:24] Ad break
  • [14:30] The episode resumes with Dr. Moriah talking about what she has learned from seeing more cases and gaining new experiences. 
  • [16:20] Dr. Moriah asks Dr. Danny how he took care of himself as a new graduate starting his first job. 
  • [20:16] Dr. Moriah talks about how these self-care tips should be used by veterinary students. Danny discusses how you never get less busy, you only get better at organizing your time. 
  • [24:41] Moriah asks Danny how his mentorship has changed over the last year. 
  • [30:04] Mo asks Danny what stage he is at in his internship?
  • [32:33] Danny tells us where to find him on social media.
  • [33:27] The first part of the episode comes to an end.

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