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Ep 111: How Can We Assist Veterinary Graduates with Dr. Mo and Dr. Dave

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How can we assist new graduates to avoid burnout? 

For today’s episode of That Vet Life Podcast, Dr. Moriah McCauley is joined by the former podcast host, Dr. Dave Nicol to discuss saving graduates from burnout.

In the episode, Dr. Dave talks about the findings from his latest leadership and culture study, and how this has helped shape the culture of his own clinic, Roundwood vets. Dave discusses how the evidence from the study can help support graduates whilst Dr. Moriah discusses how she has been supported at her first job in practice. 

Tune in to learn more about what support you should be asking for as a new graduate, how to learn emotional intelligence, and how to support graduate students at your clinic. 

Outline of this episode:

  • [0:38] The episode begins  
  • [1:37] Dave talks about Banksy’s artwork of ‘The Flower Thrower’ and how he used that combined with the data from his latest research as inspiration to create a new ‘vet’ version of it.
  • [5:00] Dave asks Mo, what are the top 5 things which energize her. 
  • [5:47] Dave asks Mo, what are the 5 things which drain her?
  • [6:65] Dave asks Mo to score her career on a scale of 1-10 and asks if she has a plan.
  • [7:20] Dave discusses how Mo’s answers compare to those which he found in his study.
  • [10:47] Dave and Mo discuss how short consult times are outdated and make new graduates get burnout.
  • [15:38] Mo discusses what the practice she works at has done to support her.
  • [19:30] Dave talks about what they do at his practice ‘Roundwood’ to support graduates.
  • [24:00] Ad break
  • [24:57] The podcast continues with Dr. Moriah asking Dr. Dave what his practice does to teach emotional intelligence.
  • [29:12] Dave and Mo discuss their idols which have great emotional intelligence.
  • [32:50] How long are appointments at Roundwood Vets (Dave’s practice) and why are they like this?
  • [36:25] Dave discusses the culture of his practice and their latest job opening.
  • [38:30] Mo and Dave ‘ round up’ the episode and go over what they have discussed.
  • [47:51] The episode comes to an end. 

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