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Ep 107: The Handover with Dr. Dave and Dr. Moriah

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Exciting things are happening! In today’s episode of The Veterinary Career Success Show, we have a special announcement- VetX International has acquired ‘That Vet Life’ Podcast! The podcast, curated by Dr. Moriah McCauley will be combined with our ‘The Veterinary Career Success Show’ to make our very own ‘That Vet Life’ podcast. 

In this episode, Dr. Dave Nicol is officially handing over the podcast ‘baton’ to Dr. Moriah McCauley.

Dr. Moriah has been a regular co-host on The Veterinary Career Success Show and hosted her own podcast ‘That Vet Life’ in 2018 whilst a student at the Royal (dick) School of Veterinary Studies. Now a graduate, and practicing small animal veterinarian, Dr. Moriah will be stepping up as our new podcast host and joining the VetX community.

We are so thankful for the work Dr. Moriah has put into this podcast and are so excited to have acquired it as a part of VetX.  

Similar to ‘The Veterinary Career Success Show’, in ‘That Vet Life’ podcast, expect to be inspired, challenged, and encouraged from stories of those in the veterinary profession.

This episode covers what ‘That Vet Life’ Podcast will consist of, when the episodes will be launched, and what to expect.

Outline of this episode:

  • [0:21] The episode begins
  • [0:40] The big announcement and what changes are happening
  • [3:00] What is VetX and where did it come from?
  • [6:44] Dr. Mo talks about how VetX International’s mentorship aligns with That Vet Life values
  • [7:49] Dr. Dave discusses how improving culture helps veterinarians thrive 
  • [10:15] Dr. Mo talks about what the upcoming podcasts will be about
  • [11:35] Dr. Mo talks about how she’s utilizing her Instagram to share how millennials and gen z are changing veterinary medicine 
  • [16:00] Dave and Mo discuss social media and if they make true connections 
  • [18:01] Mo talks about how That Vet Life Podcast will be focussing on mentorship
  • [20:58] Dave talks about the schedule of the new episodes 
  • [21:19] Dr. Dave tells us about brand changes to The Veterinary Career Success Group and newsletter 

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