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Ep 106: Finding a Little Happy Every Day In Vet Medicine

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This episode of The Veterinary Career Success Show is a lighthearted conversation between VetX International CEO and Founder, Dr. Dave Nicol, and small animal veterinarian Dr. Moriah McCauley.

In the episode, they list the three ways that help them get through a day of practice.

Dr. Moriah’s being:

  • Dancing 
  • Tea 
  • Jokes

And Dr. Dave’s being:

  • ‘The Top Five’ game 
  • Coffee
  • Driving/commuting

Listen in to find out more about Dr. Dave and Dr. Moriah’s ‘little moments of desert oasis in the maelstrom of a day in the life of a vet’.

Outline of this episode:

  • [0:42] The podcast episode begins with an introduction and a discussion on what the episode is on – what things get you through the day in practice
  • [1:55] Dr. Moriah talk about how dancing helps her get through her day as a vet
  • [4:40] Dr. Dave talks about ‘the top five game’ he used to play in practice with the nurses and techs to get through the day 
  • [8:03] Dr. Moriah gives her second way to get through the day is – Starbucks
  • [9:54] London Fog tea is discusses
  • [12:37] Dr. Moriah talks about how making jokes helps her get through the day
  • [13:21] Dr. Dave gives his last way of getting through the day – enjoying commuting 
  • [15:17] They reflect on both their lists 
  • [16:27] The episode come to an end 

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