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Ep 103- Dr. Moriah McCauley: How to gain trust with clients?

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In today’s episode of The Veterinary Career Success Show, Dr. Dave Nicol and Dr. Moriah McCauley discuss how to gain trust with clients as a vet. Dr. Moriah McCauley, also known as Mo, is a practicing small animal veterinarian and host of the podcast That Vet Life.

In this episode, Dr. Dave and Dr. Mo discuss the effects of using social media to build relationships; how google has affected what clients believe; the importance of validating clients’ opinions whilst still offering advice; and the challenging conversations vets have with clients and how best to deal with them.

Outline of this episode:

  • [00:30] Dr. Dave and Dr. Mo discuss social media and how it can be frustrating to see trust broken down between the client and vet through social media.
  • [05:00] A discussion of trust being broken down between vets, breeder, clients and google 
  • [06:05] Dr. Mo talking about how vets need to build their relationships and communication with clients 
  • [07:17] Dr. Dave talks about using ‘google’ for checking health issues – both personally and for pets 
  • [08:11] Dr. Dave discusses having clients on social media and vets building professional brands on social media 
  • [08:45] Why it’s important to not share negative comments about clients on social media; using the example of why clients may be wary of vaccines and relating this to covid vaccines
  • [10:43] Why do clients go to breeders/trainers for advice?
  • [12:09] Being proactive about the information we are putting out on social media and how we talk about/to clients 
  • [13:04] How vets are quick to put down clients opinions and how this affects our relationships with them
  • [14:23] Common challenging conversations with clients and how to handle them
  • [18:22] How the changes in generations and democratization of information have affected the way we ‘trust’ at face value
  • [19:06] How creating a psychologically safe space between clients with colleagues is so important
  • [20:03] How should we be using social media to help answer clients’ questions instead of ‘judging’?
  • [21:15] Dr. Mo gives an example of her interaction with a client she had recently 
  • [24:38] How are we choosing our clients and why are our clients choosing us?
  • [26:01] How do interactions with clients “fill our buckets” and help with job satisfaction?
  • [26:35] Ending the episode with thanks to Mo and a shoutout to her podcast

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