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Ep 102: Imposter Syndrome- Myth or Fact? With Dr. Moriah McCauley

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Dr. Dave is once again joined by co-host Dr. Moriah McCauley, host of the popular ‘That Vet Life’ Podcast. Dr. Dave opens the conversation with a premise that may cause many to scoff: ‘Impostor syndrome’ actually doesn’t exist. Everyone experiences doubts and insecurities; but when you’re truly giving it your all while striving toward a specific professional goal, no matter how tough the journey—does that make you an impostor?

Listen in as Dr. Dave discusses how to drop a ‘glass-half-empty’ mindset by changing the stories we tell ourselves and reframing our interpretation of our so-called ‘negative’ experiences. He also uses his Kintsugi bowl to illustrate the beauty of imperfection.

Dr. Moriah calls for more honest, open, and, most importantly, edifying conversations between mentors and students. She also goes into the very relevant issue of the negative influences of social media on our psyche. Finally, she relates how she overcame ‘impostor syndrome’ herself a full year post-graduation as the youngest person at her practice.

  • Outline of this episode:
  • [00:45] Why ‘impostor syndrome’ doesn’t exist
  • [02:59] ‘Impostor syndrome’ versus ‘Fake it till you make it’
  • [05:29] Reconsidering the destructive stories you tell yourself
  • [08:29] Bridging the gap between two generations
  • [12:40] Discussing the culture of fakeness on social media
  • [16:40] The Kintsugi bowl and the beauty of imperfection
  • [19:44] The value of curiosity and mentorship
  • [20:47] How Dr. Moriah overcomes ‘impostor syndrome’ as the youngest at her practice

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