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Ep 100: Vet school, Workload, Clients and Work-life Balance With Dr. Moriah McCauley

Episode Details

The fantastic Dr. Moriah McCauley returns to Co-Host the Veterinary Career Success Show, and discuss the highs and lows of graduate life.

Dr. McCauley graduated from the University of Edinburgh and is currently a practicing veterinarian back in the US. Thoroughly integrated into practice life, Dr. McCauley discusses the transition between being a student and a professional, reflecting on her experiences at school and work.

She talks about how vet school prepared her for graduate life, and the lessons she has learned on the way. For graduates eager to know what exactly it is like transitioning into work (and what they need to know as a graduate vet), this episode is for you.

During this episode, Dr. McCauley and Dr. Dave discuss:

1- Work-life balance in practice
2- The pressure to achieve at vet school
3- The realities of practice life
4- Client communication and intentionality
5- Self-care in work and practice

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