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Ep 10: Learning & Development in a Post-Covid World with Marnette Falley

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Today’s episode of The Veterinary Business Success Show is brought to you by our brand new host Brendan Howard. 

Brendan Howard has experience working for Veterinary Economics and DVM360 (the authority of veterinary business, news, team, medicine, and is the portal site) for more than 10 years. At DVM360, Brendan oversees veterinary business, practice management, and life-balance content for both, dvm360 magazine, Vetted, and Firstline.

In this episode, Brendan gets advice from Marnette Falley, an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified executive coach with 25 years of business experience and insight-producing coaching tools and skills. She describes herself as a strategist and creative problem solver. 

Join us as Marnette goes into her four coaching strategies to become a better leader. Her strategies include ‘Wait and listen longer, listen below the surface message, ask what and how questions and validate what you find’.

Marnette also offers an insight into how leaders can support their employees and create a successful working environment that validates and listens to one another.

Outline of this episode:

  • [01:37] What is the difference between managing and coaching?
  • [03:00] Marnette discusses how coaching strategies help managers 
  • [04:51] Marnette talks about how managers have to take a back seat and let their team make decisions 
  • [08:45] Why is it hard to change the way you communicate?
  • [09:50] Is coaching a skill you learn and then stop using?
  • [11:59] Marnette begins to discuss her four top tips to change the way you communicate as a leader; with the first suggestion being to pause 
  • [15:50] How long do you pause to allow others to speak?
  • [18:03] Marnette discusses her strategy on validation 
  • [22:13] Marnette discusses the strategy of ‘tell me more’
  • [24:03] How to listen deeper?
  • [31:50] The episode comes to an end

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