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Ep 10: Dr. Andy Roark

Episode Details

On today’s show, I am joined by my good friend Dr. Andy Roark.

Dr. Andy Roark is one of the hottest properties in veterinary medicine- and for good reason.

He’s a tireless networker, innovator, and one of the best presenters on the vet-speaking circuit. His accolades to date include winning NAVC speaker of the year three times over, creating and presenting the ‘Cone of Shame’ Youtube show, and founding the Uncharted Vet Conference.

On top of this, Dr. Andy Roark has amassed well over 200,000 fans on Facebook (quite a lot if you ask me!).

We had a great chat and got stuck into some great topics including:

  • What inspired Dr. Andy Roark into becoming a vet.
  • Why networking is an essential part of having a great career and how you can be a great networker too.
  • How to build a personal brand.
  • How to do social media without it taking over your life.

This episode was a pleasure from start to finish. Typically, by the time I publish a blog, book article, or podcast,  I get to the point where I am sick of it. But this podcast was a rare exception.

There’s great advice aplenty from Dr. Roark of course, but there’s also flow, humor, warmth, and candor woven through the conversation that made it a great interview to perform and work on afterward.

Of course, that’s just my take, you get to be the judge. So sit back, plug in, and enjoy my conversation with the humbly available, Dr. Andy Roark.

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