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Ep 02: Using Data to Power Performance with Mel Stephenson

Episode Details

In today’s episode, I’m joined by serial entrepreneur and data rockstar Mel Stephenson.

Mel Stephenson is the MD at Interworks Europe, a business helping clients find actionable insight in the mountains of data they generate each day, helping them make better decisions and run more effective companies.

His impressive client list includes complex healthcare providers like the NHS- amongst others.

Nowadays, however, Mel works with smaller, niche businesses to help get them run to full capacity. He believes that every business can utilize data to their advantage- to give them a great edge in the market.

Especially in the world of veterinary medicine, where people are regularly overwhelmed by the seemingly impossible task of managing the never-ending caseload, do the fields of data science and business intelligence have something to offer? And if they do, where on earth should a small practice even begin?

Me and Mel deep-dive into this during this episode, exploring how practice’s data can be used to its fullest.

This is really a fantastic episode with a lot of expert insight.  If data is something that confuses the heck out of you- don’t worry- this episode will help bring some clarity.

So tune in, lay back, and enjoy this episode with the wonderful Mel Stepehnson.

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