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Ep 2: Dr. Garret Turley

Episode Details

In today’s episode, we talk to veterinary entrepreneur turned private equity financier Garret Turley. Garret was one of the founders of Pet Doctors which he grew in 1995 from one site clinic to a 30 hospital behemoth, stretching across the south coast of England. He successfully sold the business to CVS in a multimillion-pound deal in 2011.

Garret now manages a London-based, private equity investment fund focusing on the healthcare and education spaces. In addition to his veterinary degree which he gained at Cambridge University, he holds an MBA from Henley.

Our conversation is wide-ranging and covers a lot of ground including how an upbringing immersed in the sectarian violence of Northern Ireland helped motivate him to become a high performer and where he sees the opportunities/threats to the veterinary industry from areas as diverse as technology, corporate influence and the long-overdue impact of female leadership.

Garret is high octane but a fun person so sit back and enjoy some awesome insight and if Celtic accents are your thing then you will most certainly not be disappointed by this episode. Enjoy.

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