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Ep 59: A Slingshot Round Adversity – 2021 Highlights

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If 2020 was the year that got away, 2021 was the year where we bounced back. It too came with huge uncertainty and challenges and life in practice was played out against a depressing narrative of burnout and talent loss. With uncertainty still rife, and vet med at what feels like a dangerous tipping point, what can, indeed, what must we do to move forward?

One of the answers I suspect is already in play – hiding in plain sight. Resilience, that of talked about but seemingly elusive quality is borne out of adversity, and in the past 2 years you’ve been building yours, perhaps without even realising it. So as we reflect on another journey around the sun, I thought it would be nice to shine some light on how each of my guests refused to let adversity crush them, instead harnessing its painful energy to sling shot out the other side scarred, but stronger. Let’s dive in.

Guests included:

Dr. Molly McAllister
Dr. Lisa Lippman
Dr. Peter Dommett
Dr. Fabian Rivers
Megan Brashear
Dr. Sharon Grossman
Dr. Marty Becker
Dr. Robin Downing
Dr. Mandisa Greene
Prof Liz Mossop
The Street Vet – Dr Jade Statt

We see further and feel so much bigger, when we stand on the shoulders of giants. And that friends, is as positive a message as I can leave you with.

All that remains is to thank all of my guests this year for giving up their precious time to talk. I’ve made some new friends, deepened some relationships and I hope has helped you work through another year in this special world we pet professionals call home.

Thank you for listening and supporting the show. I hope you get some downtime with your friends and family over the festive season. For the last time this year, from all of us here at VetX….. Be safe, be well and be happy.

Dr. Dave Nicol

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