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In this episode of the Veterinary Finacial Podcast, veterinary management expert, Dr. Dave Nicol, talks all about VetX International’s groundbreaking study (which you can check out here).

Deep diving into toxic cultures, vision statements, and recruitment, Dr. Dave shares the study’s findings and how it will transform the way practice managers, owners, and directors function.

Dr. Dave talks about:

  • The goals of the Leadership Actions and Their Effects on Veterinary Practice Culture study.
  • The main findings of the study.
  • How to create a vision statement.
  • How much time veterinary leaders should devote to leadership priorities.
  • What factor in the study had the biggest impact on culture.
  • How to tackle toxicity in veterinary practice.
  • Effectively attracting and hiring vets.
  • Factors that contribute to happiness in the workplace for vets and team members.
  • How culture affects practice’s bottom lines.

To listen to the episode, click below.

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