A Leadership Programme for Practice Owners, Managers, and Team Leads.

There’s no better skill to invest in than leadership

Outstanding! I was promised it would be transformational and it hasn’t disappointed.

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Become the leader that your team deserves

VetX Leaders is a training program that gives you, the veterinary leader, all the tools to build an awesome culture in your veterinary practice.

Designed for leaders of all skill levels and experience, you will join a community of people looking to do leadership the right way. Whether you are a long-time practice owner who needs to sort out their recruitment issues, a newly promoted practice manager that’s looking for guidance and support, or a team lead that needs to get rid of a gossip culture, Leaders is the place for you.

With 14 hours of on-demand CE from leadership expert, multiple-time practice owner, and VMX speaker of the year 2019 Dr. Dave Nicol, you can learn all the skills needed to run a successful and profitable veterinary practice, in your own time, from anywhere in the world.

This program is applicable toward the continuing education requirement for the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM) program offered by the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA).

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    Course Features

    14 hours of on-demand continuing education

    Weekly coaching and Q&A sessions with leadership expert Dr. Dave Nicol

    Actionable toolkits, resources, and bonus content to ensure your success

    Access to our helpful Leaders community

    Course Modules

    As a Leaders community member, Dr Dave Nicol will take you through the 4 key areas needed for you to create an efficient and happy team: Leadership, Hiring, Performance Management and Vision & Strategy.

    These on-demand video resources, combined with the VetX toolkits and weekly coaching sessions provide everything a modern veterinary leader needs to build a flourishing veterinary practice.


    Ten Principles For Leadership Success

    Leaders need a toolkit for success. In this presentation, we’ll focus on what those are and how you should use them.

    Module Length: 1.5 Hours
    Study Time: 2 Hours


    Time Management Mastery

    Time management is something we all struggle with. In this eye-opening session, you’ll learn how to create 500 quality hours extra each year with some minimal habit changes.

    Module Length: 1 Hour
    Study Time: 45 Minutes


    The Generational Divide

    Generational shift is occurring and it’s causing problems in the workforce. Understanding & overcoming these issues is essential for anyone building a team.

    Module Length: 1 Hour
    Study Time: 1 Hour


    Positivity, Beating F.E.A.R & Avoiding Burnout

    How do we toughen our minds so we can show up as the best version of ourselves each day? We’ll formulate your mental toughness plan in this session.

    Module Length: 1 Hour
    Study Time: 1 Hour


    The Personal Profile (AKA Avatar)

    Mistake number one is not creating the avatar of your perfect team member for each role. We’ll talk about how to build your avatars then use the details to inform the rest of the hiring process.

    Module Length: 1 Hour
    Study Time: 1 Hour


    Writing And Using Job Adverts That Get Responses

    How do you write a good job advert that gets results? We answer this question during this session and will have you writing job ads that help attract the right applicant while putting off all the others.

    Module Length: 2 Hours
    Study Time: 2 Hours


    The Selection Process

    Using testing is a smart way to rule candidates in or out fairly. And most people have no idea how to perform an effective interview. In this session, you’ll learn how to create selection test processes and perform highly effective interviews.

    Module Length: 1.5 Hours
    Study Time: 1 Hour


    Onboarding For Success

    When you hire someone, the job is not done. In fact, it’s just getting started because you still have to get them up to speed fast. In this session, we focus on onboarding new team members, so they become effective fast.

    Module Length: 1.5 Hours
    Study Time: 1 Hour


    Values & Behaviour Statements

    Successful practices understand values and how they drive behaviour. They can articulate these and use them to drive good behaviours and outcomes. You’ll learn how and create your own in this module.

    Module Length: 1.5 Hours
    Study Time: 1 Hour


    Objectives & Measures

    Most individuals do not have a clear expectation of what work they are expected to complete and to what standard. This is remedied by having clear written objectives for each position.

    Module Length: 1.5 Hours
    Study Time: 1 Hour


    Triple Loop Leadership and Feedback

    Based on clear communication, regular check-in and good feedback, this system takes all the stress out of performance management.

    Module Length: 1.5 Hours
    Study Time: 1 Hour


    Handling Difficult Employees

    Understanding human needs and communication preferences is essential for all leaders. Once we understand more about how people work, managing them (even the difficult ones) gets easier.

    Module Length: 1.5 Hours
    Study Time: 1 Hour

    Vision & Strategy

    Creating Your Vision Statement

    Every well-led business has a clearly articulated vision. This is job one for every Leader yet very few practices have this in place. In this module, you’ll learn how to craft a vision statement that works.

    Module Length: 1.5 Hours
    Study Time: 3 Hours

    Vision & Strategy

    Execution: Turning Your Vision Into Reality

    Vision without execution is called hallucination. In this session, you’ll learn how to bring your vision to life and weave it through the fabric of your business.

    Module Length: 1.5 Hours
    Study Time: 1 Hour

    Who Is Leaders For?

    Practice Owners

    Develop your leadership skills and make running your practice fun again.

    Practice Managers

    Learn how to manage all personalities and generations.

    New Practice Owners

    Thinking of opening a practice? There is no better time to learn the principles of good leadership than before you start.

    Team Leads

    Give your leadership team the skills they need to thrive in their roles

    Outstanding! I was promised it would be transformational and it hasn’t disappointed; this is my Ettinger for leadership!

    Dr R TurmelPractice Owner, Canada

    This is a challenging and intense course which has so far been outstanding and helpful from the very start. It has not been easy nor in any way a reiteration of the same old stuff.

    Dr CherylPractice Owner, USA

    I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am a better leader because of it!

    Dr GranoPractice Owner, USA

    Weekly Group Coaching

    Weekly group coaching session with a veterinary leadership expert to help get you unstuck.

    Taking place every Wednesday at 3:30 pm ET / 8:30pm UK.

    All included in your monthly membership fee.

    Get expert advice on how to approach difficult leadership challenges

    Meet and share ideas with other like-minded veterinary leaders

    Ask questions about the course content and make the material directly relevant to your practice

    Take part from anywhere in the world, in any time zone with questions submitted in advance and recordings of each session available to all members

    Your Instructor

    Dr Dave Nicol

    BVMS Cert Mgmt MRCVS

    Dr. Dave Nicol is a performance management and veterinary leadership expert, the founder of VetX International, and the Leaders main course instructor.

    He speaks at conferences around the world, coaches senior team leaders and executives on how to create high-performing teams, and was the VMX 2019 practice management educator of the year.

    As well as owning several practices around the globe in his 20+ years of experience in the veterinary industry. He is also a recognised expert in the field of leadership and performance management with a track record of delivering growth in every practice he has worked or owned.

    He has written three books, most recently ‘So You’re A Vet…Now What?’. A book for new graduate veterinarians that helps them to learn essential lessons about life in practice that they weren’t taught at vet school.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I get any CE/CPD points for my membership in the community?

    Absolutely. Leaders is VHMA accredited and you can submit 14 hours of CE points towards your CVPM qualification by completing the sessions. Plus, we supply a

    VetX Practice accreditation badges and certificate when the sessions are complete.

    How do the live group coaching sessions work?

    Submit your question in advance to the community manager or in the Facebook group. Successful questions receive 10-15 minutes of one2one coaching in the group meeting room (you can get a lot done in 10-15 minutes). Fellow members will be able to attend and learn from the answer to your question. Questions are handled on a first-come, first-served basis and our live events are held in a secure online meeting space.

    Can I listen again to the sessions if I miss a live one or want to refresh the lessons taught in the community?

    Yes, every session is recorded and added to our membership site within 72 hours of the live event. So, you can listen to any session, anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection.

    Can I join at any point in the year?

    Yes, but we do limit the number of admissions each month to allow for the best onboarding process into the community. Once signed up you’ll have access to our training modules, back catalogue of recordings, and the online community.

    How long does my Leaders membership last?

    Your membership lasts for a minimum of 12 months. At the end of this time, you may cancel or continue your subscription. A large number of our members stay on as they continue to get huge value from being a member.

    What happens if I want to cancel my membership?

    All members can try the community risk-free for the first 14 days of their membership. If, during this time, you decide the community does not meet your needs, then just let us know, and we will arrange a prompt refund. After this period has elapsed, you will not be able to cancel until your 12 months are completed.

    Can I remain a member if I move jobs or countries?

    Yes, location is not a problem as long as you have an internet connection. We have members in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, South Africa, and even Papua New Guinea!

    I’ve been a team leader for over five years, is this course still relevant to me?

    Yes. Additional team members can join at a much-reduced rate. As part of your application process, we’ll find out how many people you wish to enroll and give you a quote ahead of joining.That depends on how things are going. In Leaders, we teach modern best-practice Leadership as applied to veterinary practice. We have members who have been vets for more than 30 years and in leadership roles for a decade or more. The absence of any focused veterinary leadership training means there are likely a lot of things you will learn to help you improve your practice performance.

    What about the rest of my leadership team? Can they join too?

    Yes. Additional team members can join at a much-reduced rate. As part of your application process, we’ll find out how many people you wish to enroll and give you a quote ahead of joining.

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