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VetX Jobs is our brand new career service to help you find that perfect job in a practice where culture matters and you will find your fit! 

What is VetX Jobs?

You may have noticed we have recently started sharing job content from select practices looking for talented vets to join their team.

As you know, just about every practice is looking for clinical staff right now. This is theoretically great for job seekers, but how do you know if a practice is a good place for you to work and grow in a healthy culture or a nightmare that leaves you feeling burned out and discouraged? 

The answer will not be found in most job adverts!

Enter VetX Jobs – the service you can trust to only publish roles from practices that are serious about building a healthy culture. Only practices that are actively engaged in our culture and leadership programs are able to access this job board. That means they all have or are developing a clear vision, establishing or strengthening their culture, and have up-to-date performance management processes in place so you can do your work in a safe and nurturing practice. 

What Does The VetX Jobs Service Do?

At the center of the service is the VetX Jobs board which will launch this month on our website Here you will be able to read adverts from clinics that care. There are no agency adverts and only practices we work with so can vouch for.

In addition, we’ll be sharing job details and cultural insight from our very best clinics on our social feeds in addition to our usual educational and entertaining content. So you can expect to see job-related additions in our newsletter or on our social media each week.  However, don’t expect the same old boring job adverts. That’s not our style. Instead, we’ll be giving you access to the employers directly through live interviews and much more so you get the accurate low down on any job we promote.

The best practices find people who improve the culture they already have by matching values and understanding the career goals of the people they hire. VetX Jobs exists to make those matches happen. 

How Can I Participate?

Whether you are actively seeking a new role or passively interested in finding a career direction, you can take advantage of our VetX Jobs service by booking a career coaching session with one of our career coaches. During this session, you’ll work through your career so far, the highs and lows. What you like to do most. You’ll explore your values and take a DISC profile, all designed to help you understand what role might be a good fit for the future. 

If we have a role to match we’ll let you know, and potentially introduce you to a practice that meets your needs. 

The second thing we encourage you to do is to sign up for our newsletter so you can see the job adverts – you can do this here. And finally, if you are looking for a new role in practice, be sure to make the Vetx Jobs board one of your ports of call. 

What Job Adverts Are We Running Right Now?

We currently have a full-time veterinarian vacancy at our very own VetX practice, Roundwood Vets (owned by leadership expert, VetX CEO and founder, Dr. Dave Nicol).

This practice is situated in North West London, England, at a practice where people come first. If you’re looking to work in a practice with a supportive culture, room for growth, mentoring opportunities, 30-minute appointments, and breaks, this job opportunity could be for you. Dr. Dermot, The VetX Head of Partnerships and Research works there regularly and loves it! Find out more about it here, or send Dermot an email at

We also have a really exciting opportunity available for a vet at a small animal practice in Dunfermline, Scotland. This team, run by Dr. Forbes Shaw, is looking for a full-time, people-oriented veterinarian with a minimum of two years of experience. The two practice owners, Forbes and Lauren, as well as head nurse Claire, have undergone extensive leadership training with Dr. Dave to help them build an awesome culture. Based just outside Edinburgh, this is a great role in a lovely part of the UK.

If you’re looking for a flexible rota that fits in with your lifestyle giving you enough time outside of work to keep you energized, passionate, and excited about your work, this job could be for you. Vet Rebecca has been at the practice for 5 years since she graduated and has loads of positive things to say about the culture in the clinic. Find out what she says and more about the practice here

Will We Carry on Running Our Other VetX Channels?

Yes, don’t worry, we will still have weekly podcasts going out (That Vet Life Podcast, and The Veterinary Business Success Show), as well as our monthly podcast ‘Blunt Dissection’. We will also still be posting weekly articles, a news roundup, and running our Thrive and Leaders courses!

VetX Jobs is an additional new service to help you have an amazing veterinary career!

What Do I Need To Do Next?

Look out for our upcoming job vacancies and find the perfect practice and role for you!

  1. Sign up to our That Vet Life Newsletter (here) to receive new job vacancies straight to your inbox. 
  2. Message us (at if you have a job advert you would like to share on our job board. 
  3. Or book a career consultation with Dr. Dermot, our resident career consultant here

We hope to help you on your journey to success.

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