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Independent Vet Practice Buys 8 Surgeries From Corporate

In a role reversal from the norm, The Pet Vet, an independent family-owned practice has bought eight surgeries from CVS Group plc, a corporate veterinary services provider in the UK.

The newly acquired surgeries, mean that The Pet Vet is now the largest independent family-owned veterinary practice in the UK. 

Rob Jones MRCVS, the owner of The Pet Vet, opened his first surgery in Doncaster in 2011.

The practice now has nearly 100 employees and an annual turnover of over £6 million. 

“With nearly 70% of the veterinary practice market by revenue already in the ownership of major corporations, a fact of which most consumers are still completely unaware, this is a real opportunity for us as a family business to make a positive difference for pet owners.

Our acquisition of The Vet will allow us to further advance in-house provision, giving our vets more variety and stimulation in their working day and even greater opportunities for professional development.” Said Rob Jones. 

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Can Telemedicine Offering Flexible Schedules? 

Dr. Aaron Smiley has proposed using telemedicine as a potential solution to the problems of burnout in the veterinary profession. Smiley went on to suggest that integrating telemedicine into work schedules could offer more flexibility. 

“Combining telemedicine with a traditional, in-person practice can help create a flexible work schedule. This flexible schedule can come from a personal balance between in-practice work and asynchronous telemedicine. Smiley reminded veterinary professionals that telemedicine, “isn’t the solution for everything, but it might be a solution [for rigid work schedules].” Dr. Smiley

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Dr. Jennifer Quammen On Becoming AVMA Vice President 

Dr. Quammen, the co-founder of ‘Veterinarian Coaching’, is set to become the next AVMA Vice President. The veterinarian was the sole candidate for the position and will soon be elected when the AVMA House of Delegates convene in Philadelphia this Summer. 

During an interview with AVMA, Dr. Quammen addressed her reasoning for running for AVMA Vice president.

“I want to be a thought leader for the veterinary profession and the AVMA. My work affords me the opportunity to talk with veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary students from many backgrounds, practices, and sectors of the animal health industries. I want to bring their stories, feedback, and opportunities back to the AVMA Board of Directors. Our Association needs to be open to feedback—positive and negative. Listening to dissenting opinions is not only necessary but also crucial to the vitality and health of our Association.”

Dr. Jennifer Quammen also outlined what she hopes to achieve during her two-year tenure.

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Tributes To The ‘UK’s Leading Veterinary Dental Specialist’

Tributes have rolled in for one of the UK’s leading veterinary dental specialists, Dr. Lisa Milella, following her death from Motor Neurone Disease last month. 

Dr. Lisa was known for her work as past president of the British Veterinary Dental Association, and as a trustee for International Animal Rescue (IAR) where she used her veterinary dental skills to support the charity worldwide. 

The charity spoke out following the news of her death: 

“Lisa was a trustee of International Animal Rescue for many years, and she regularly visited IAR’s rescue centres to relieve the pain of animals with agonising dental conditions, and teaching the local vets new veterinary dental procedures.

After her diagnosis, Lisa closed her veterinary dental practice, but continued to support IAR’s teams in the field with expert advice and guidance on treatments for all kinds of rescued animals.

She also continued to take part in meetings of IAR’s board of trustees throughout her illness, never as a bystander, always as an active participant, unafraid to speak her mind.

She had a special compassion for wild animals in captivity, and the work that she started, will continue and be supported by the Lisa Milella Veterinary Dental Fund.”

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RCVS Launches Sustainability Scheme

The RCVS Practice Standards Scheme (PSS) has published new environmental sustainability requirements that aim to encourage the veterinary profession to take action against the global climate crisis.  

Part of the new scheme includes an Environmental Sustainability Award, which will be awarded to practices that demonstrate environmentally sustainable behaviors.

Chair of the Practice Standards Group, Dr. Mandisa Greene, gave a statement on the matter:

“It’s never been more pertinent that we review the sustainability of veterinary practice, and the introduction of these standards is a first, but vital, step in ensuring that the veterinary professions are doing all they can to manage their carbon footprint.

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3 Ways To Create a Work-Life Balance This Summer

As a veterinarian, it can be hard to switch off. Particularly after an intense case, loss of a client, or a busy day. However, studies have shown that blurring the lines between personal and work life can have a detrimental effect on your health, happiness, and even work performance. 

So how can you switch off this Summer and ensure you have a good work-life balance?

  • Organize: Step one, get organized! Get organized by planning your days to make the most out of both your career responsibilities and your summer activities. This could be blocking out times in your calendar for certain work-based or leisure tasks. Planning trips, fun weekends, or evening fun can also help you stay motivated and avoid the feeling of missing out on the Summer sun. 
  • Get up earlier: Utilize the extra sunlight in the summer by waking up that extra hour earlier to take advantage of the day. Having the extra hour in the morning can help you feel more energized and give you more free time. 
  • Learn to say no: Having healthy boundaries at work and the ability to decline tasks is crucial to both your work output and your mental health. If you know the extra tasks will make your workload unattainable and mean you have to work overtime, say no or ask for support!

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