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People are hating their career in veterinary medicine.

Well, at least that’s what a lot of people are saying on the many (toxic) Facebook groups that have sprung up in the last few years. 

And the really scary thing is that if you spend too much time in these groups listening to the negative voices of people who have not had a great career, then guess what? That’s right, you stand a high chance of being influenced to think this way too. Misery likes company!

I’ll guarantee you one thing when you have this mindset, your outcome is assured and you most likely are going to have a miserable career. 

The thing is, that this mindset is not ubiquitous, actually, there are many, many vets who enjoy going to work every day and love that they get paid to fulfil their mission to help animals and solve problems.

The difference between these two mindsets in people doing the same work is stark and it begs the question, how is it that such polar opposite perspectives can exist for people undertaking the same activity?

The truth is that those who are succeeding have learned (and baked into their work and life) some essential skills and habits.

The vets who are happy have learned how to manage their emotional state. 

They have learned how to manage their time so they get breaks and go home on schedule. 

They know how to interact well with other humans so they have healthy relationships whether you are a client, colleague, boss or partner. 

They understand that poorly managed emotions and an unchecked ego are enemies that cause horrific career and relationship damage. 

They have learned that being a perfectionist is setting yourself up to fail every day. And that feeling like an impostor is actually just a normal, healthy part of growing and learning new skills.

Sadly, none of these things was taught well at Vet School. (And probably never will be.)

But, if you learn these skills everything changes for the better. 

And if you do not, then your problems will follow you wherever you decide to run. 

A new job will not help, neither will a new career. These problems transcend the role. They are all about the person. And there is only one person who can fix things. (You can perhaps guess who that person is?)

So would you like to learn these skills and avoid the common mistakes vets make that sabotage their efforts to help animals?

Would you like to have great relationships that energise you rather than drain you?

If you’re a vet working in general practice (large or small), I’d love to show you the precise 4 step framework I used to overcome my challenges and build a happy and successful twenty-year career as a vet.

This is the same framework I used to develop from being one relatively clueless, rapidly burning out new graduate to becoming a head vet of not one, but two multi-doctor groups and eventually even open several of my own clinics.

It’s also the exact framework used by hundreds of the VetX community members to help take control of and engage with their own careers in meaningful ways.

I’m hosting a free masterclass where I’ll walk you through the entire framework for free. Just click here to register today ->

When you click the link you’ll go to the registration page. This is a LIVE event so just select a time, enter your name and email, and you’ll get access to the free masterclass.

Click here to register now and make sure you have a solid plan to get your career as a happy and successful vet on track for 2020. –>

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