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    I’m not a huge fan of “Hacks” but feelings and moods are such transient things that I wondered what mood hacks you guys use if you’re feeling kinda shitty? Here are my top three:

    1. Exercise… or maybe that’s more accurately movement. Don’t know why, but moving just helps me process difficult emotions. Sometimes that’s endorphins, but other times I think it’s just moving so I can feel like my problems aren’t on top of me. And if it’s anxiety I’m feeling then walking near trees always helps. Again, perhaps odd, but it works for me.

    2. Writing – with a pen and paper. Gets the stuff in my head out and I’m always in a better place. Not usually a perfect place, but better.

    3. Beer –  there i’ve said it. Unwinding in a quiet pub – near people, but not necessarily with people I’ve always found to help. That’ll be the extrovert in me.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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