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Ok, so I hope I’m going to hope I’ve understood your question correctly!

So, hopefully you will be having these kind of discussions more than once annually, in my clinic I meet with each vet every couple of months to talk about things. With a new grad it would be even more frequently. You might then have an annual ‘review’

In the monthly meetings I ask a general ‘how are things going?’ ‘What support do you need?’ ‘What are you working on at the moment and what can we do to help you with this?’ maybe ‘what cases have gone well recently, and which might you want to reflect and learn from?’ I might also have feedback if there’s something I’ve noticed needs some work, and try and come up with a solution together.

In an annual review, we will go more into depth with feedback for me and the business, and for you to reflect on your strengths and areas which require improvement, and plans some goals for the coming year.

These discussions should in the most part be non-scary, we should all try to have a growth mindset and no-blame culture where we reflect, learn and make plans for a better future!