Professional Skills Training for Corporations

Burnout, imposter syndrome, perfectionism and compassion fatigue – each of these problems are well documented as causing mental distress in veterinarians. Unmanaged, they are prominent in the reasons why careers stall, relationships suffer and vets exit the profession.

The effect is damage to team culture, higher staff turnover, and poor engagement, increased absenteeism, and victim mindset. All of which contribute to suboptimal performance and damaging impacts on culture and productivity. Figures from some quarters suggest the profession is shrinking by 5% a year due to these losses, at a time when we are producing more graduates than ever before.

Unless we can quickly teach this generation of veterinary professionals the skills needed to enjoy their careers, we are going to see an ongoing and unsustainable churn of talent away from the front line of medicine. This will impact not just availability of care, but quality and profit too.

A different, better future

At VetX we see a different future, one where vets thrive in their careers and the benefits of working within practices big or small are fulfilled. Our work helps humans to get along so workplaces thrive. We help our partners to do this by delivering customised professional skills and leadership training and support to our corporate partners so they gain an HR driven competitive advantage over the competition.

Our flagship Thrive and Leaders programs are accredited skills training courses and form the backbone of our training. Both can be customised to suit individual needs and integrated within existing support packages. They are presented as modular components, including: on demand webinar masterclasses, accompanying workbooks and MCQ testing for consolidation and accountability. All successful participants receive certification to mark the completion of the training. The various elements can be mixed and matched to suit and dovetail in with any existing programs you may have to support your clinical teams.

Professional skill subjects include, goal setting, building resilience, overcoming imposter syndrome, managing time, building emotional intelligence, and many more. While we offer the only complete leadership training course that covers everything a modern leader needs and includes: vision, recruitment, performance management and personal leadership.

A proven solution

We have worked with corporate practices and large buying groups in the UK, USA and Australia to deliver training on three continents from small group to national campaigns. Our service is scalable and customisable to your needs.

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Delivering skills safely at scale in a post-COVID world - case study

As the coronavirus crisis was unfolding in 2020 we were approached by a large european partner and asked to create a professional skills learning program for over 500 veterinary graduates. The objective meant balancing the demands of safety, learning and practice clinical commitments.

We were able to work with a variety of organisational stakeholders from top level concept, detailed planning and execution to successfully deliver a Q4 program of non-clinical skills in a safe, efficient and effective manner.

The course received high approval ratings from the delegates who were able to receive tuition and coaching from world class speakers which dovetailed into their existing clinical mentoring program.

“The program has been an absolute game-changer for me. I came in struggling to get through the day but can now confidently deal with 90% of cases (and clients) that come through my door.” Course Attendee.

The course was delivered on budget, above specification and ontime, helping our client to meet their commitments to their teams in a highly cost effective manner.

Next Steps

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