The Vet Career Concierge

Finding The Right Vet Job, Made Easy!

Are you struggling in your job and wondering if you might have made a mistake?

Are you tired of showing up to care for pets in a place that doesn’t care about you?

Long hours, poor pay, lack of appreciation, toxic workplace interactions, tough clients… the list of issues can seem overwhelming!

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are many clinics that care about their people and put team needs at the top of the agenda. The tough part is finding them… But not anymore!

Introducing The Vet Career Concierge, where we bring the best jobs to you!

Instead of wasting time searching for jobs that might be a good fit – but frequently aren’t – all you have to do is register once, and tell us all about your skills and what you are looking for from your next practice.

We’ll do the hard work of filtering, matching, and approaching our trusted network of practices.

If you like the sound of a practice and want to meet, we coach you through the interview process, help with negotiations and work to ensure you have a smooth transition into practice if you accept a role. We will even stay in touch with scheduled career check-ins to make sure you are happy.

Signing up to the service is free to members, is easy and comes with a host of additional benefits from our Thrive wellbeing course membership, monthly group mentoring sessions and much more.

To join, just click the button below and complete your details on the application form.

A Career Concierge will get in touch soon after. Sign up today and make your next move a great move with no stress and full discretion.

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