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Get Involved and Help Us to Make 2021 an Inspirational Year

To say 2020 has been a challenging year is an understatement. For those of us working in the veterinary profession, we have seen a surging increase in demand, whilst pandemic restrictions have meant a reduction in the service we can offer. This has, at times, led to increased anxiety, frustration and great uncertainty for veterinarians and clients alike.

Despite the havoc of 2020, we have been heartened to witness many in the veterinary profession step up, support one another, and still deliver an exceptional service to their patients. 2020 has made us grateful for what we once took for granted: our opportunity to make a difference to animals’ lives, our colleagues who are funny and kind, the long-term client who buys us copious amounts of chocolate, even that dog who is brimming with mischief.

Brimming with mischief: what gave you joy in the year 2020?

We would like to celebrate these moments of joy, but we need you to get involved

We are creating a VetX International 2021 digital calendar. Each month will contain a photograph from YOU that captures a moment of joy – or just something that made you smile – during the year 2020. 

Did you learn a new skill in 2020? Did you make connections with clients and colleagues via the wonders of technology? Did you continue to provide exceptional care? Whatever it may be, we would love to hear from you.

To feature in our 2021 calendar, all you need to do is send us in a photograph that captures a moment of joy in your work, along with a short description of the image.

As well as your moment of joy being immortalised in the VetX calendar, everyone who has their image featured will win a signed copy of Dr Dave’s book, So You’re a Vet…Now What? So get thinking – what made you smile this year?

Please send your submission via email to by 29th December 2020

Our aim is to celebrate the joys and triumphs of veterinary medicine throughout 2021. The most inspirational, motivational images will be chosen – we cannot wait to see all your submissions! Be sure to get involved so you can help to make 2021 an inspirational year.

By sending in your image, you consent to it being published in the VetX International 2021 digital calendar. Where your image is used, you will be given credit. If your image contains other individuals, please ask their permission before sending to us.

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