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Finding and hiring the perfect candidate to join your veterinary practice in a reasonable amount of time is seemingly an impossible task nowadays.

Due to COVID and other trends, many businesses are chronically understaffed, can’t keep up with customer demands, and are struggling to fill vacancies.

Did all the talented vets just evaporate into thin air? Absolutely not.

The way of sticking a rushed job ad up onto a barren job board no longer works. You’ll find yourself waiting months, if not years until a semi-suitable candidate clicks on your ad and thinks about applying. 

So how can you improve your job ads and start effectively recruiting incredible veterinary team members?

Beat The Market

In this two-part live masterclass series, Dr Dave Nicol, practice management expert and VetX CEO, will take you through the damage that hiring badly does to your business, dissects common pitfalls of recruiting, and will give you incredible insight and an action plan on how you can start finding good candidates in a short period of time.

The Terrifying Cost Of Hiring Badly

Do you know how much poor recruitment is costing you? It’s more than you think (think around $200,000 per year!). Most veterinary practice owners are unaware of the monstrous size of the problem that poor selection of team members represents.

​​​​​​​In this first session, you’ll gain insight into the hidden costs of bad recruitment decisions, get guidance on how to take action on poor performance, and understand why only hiring the right people is essential for business growth without huge stress.

How to Hire Effectively When The Talent Well Runs Dry

The impact of COVID and staff burnout has left many veterinary practices chronically understaffed, struggling to keep up with demand for service. Not only this, but the time it has taken to hire new staff has increased to the extent that it is commonplace for practices to take longer than a year to fill vacancies, if they are filled at all. 

Why is this? Why aren’t job boards as effective as they once were? And how can we ensure that we generate a healthy amount of good quality applicants to our postings?

​​​​In this session, you’ll understand what’s driving the great vet resignation and why it’s more than worklife balance, be able to identify where you are going wrong, and be given the tools to create an action plan of steps you can take to improve your application rate for your jobs.​​​​​​​

Join Us Live

If you’re ready to take action and start recruiting effectively and quickly, then join us for two live masterclass sessions in the coming weeks:

Session One: Tuesday, April 5th 7PM BST, 2PM ET

Session Two: Tuesday, April 12th 7PM BST, 2PM ET

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