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Veterinary medicine is not all it has cracked up to be for a lot of people. 

With high rates of stress, burnout and compassion fatigue, it is easy to see why so many have been underwhelmed by their career choice. One that promised so much, and took so much more…

As sad as this is, the question has to be asked: what are we going to do about it? This career choice remains a vocational one powered by purpose. Such career options are rare and to be cherished. So instead of venting on social media – an action that is unlikely to create any useful change, what can we do to improve outcomes such that we retain existing talent and attract future talent into the profession?

The good news is that there appears to be no shortage of people who care enough to want to change the current experience. What seems to be missing is a body of evidence to help point us all in the right direction. Which is why the Veterinary Employment, Engagement & Retention Study (VEER) 2022 is so important and needs the support and participation of everyone concerned with creating a better future. 

Why is the VEER Study happening?

The objective of the VEER study is to collect and analyse a huge body of data from vets all over the world so we can objectively understand what the key drivers of career satisfaction are, but also what they are not.

We’re looking for veterinarians to share their career experiences with us in a short survey format to help paint as complete a picture as possible of the current state of the people in veterinary medicine. 

That data will be studied in detail and the findings published so that everyone involved with veterinary medicine has access to a useful body of evidence when considering how to address the future talent pipeline and retain the existing professional talent pool. It is hoped that this will allow important stakeholders with the power to make meaningful changes an evidence base for their decisions. 

In short, the results will contribute to a better future for veterinary medicine.

How can you participate in VEER?

If you are a vet, nurse/technician or practice manager then you can participate in two ways.

  1. Take the survey! The study takes about 10 minutes to complete. By sharing your voice, you’ll be contributing to the evidence body available to help shape the future of this amazing profession.
  2. Share the word about the survey across your professional network. If 500 people take the survey we can write an interesting report. If 5000 take it, the findings will be impossible to ignore. By taking the survey and sharing it with five of your colleagues you’ll be making a big difference to the impact this survey will have.

But there’s more to this than altruism. Because all respondents will receive a report based on the study data detailing the findings and related actions that can be used to sculpt your own career outcomes more effectively.

And if you need a little more incentive then each week the survey is open we’ll be giving away one $50 Amazon voucher, ten Starbucks gift cards, and five digital copies of Dr Dave Nicol’s book for veterinarians: ‘So You’re A Vet… Now What?

The Future Of Veterinary Medicine

If you are someone who cares about the future of veterinary medicine then we’d now like to invite you to complete the survey. Your voice matters and should be heard. It won’t take long to complete and the more people who take part, the more reliable and influential the results will be.

We all want to see things improve for vets around the globe, this is one small way you can help to make that happen. 

Click below to take the survey today.

Take Part In The Survey

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